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11 lessons I’ve learnt in marriage

  • Communicate how you want to be loved to your spouse till he starts to love you that way
  • Know your spouses’ primary love language and be deliberate about loving him that way
  • Kiss everyday- According to Dr. John Gottman, you should kiss for at least 6 seconds; beyond a peck, that’s how long it takes for it to feel “romantic”… Kissing also has medical and emotional effect
  • Your marriage is unique, there are no 2 marriages that are the same so be a student of your spouse and be deliberate about getting your spouse to be a student of you too so you can both understand each other
  • Say ‘I love you’ to your spouse everyday beyond text messages and ensure(I’m stressing this!) he says it back. There is power in repeated spoken word to reassure each other of your love.
  • Have ‘marriage time’ at least once a week (1-2hrs). You can decide to do something together just the 2 of you like read a book together, can be a lunch date, dinner date, walk to the park etc. Be deliberate about conversations you want to have during marriage time.
  • Lubricate your marriage by enjoying good regular sex
  • Resolve conflicts as quickly as you can, If you have conflicts that you cannot resolve yourselves, it is not the end of your marriage, please seek good counselling from professionals or good mentors.
  • Invest in your marriage just the way you invest in your career development to get a promotion or the way you invest in your personal development. You can invest in your marriage reading marriage related books , marriage seminars, marriage conferences and marriage courses.
  • Make it a habit to build intimacy by checking on each other throughout the day no matter how busy and overwhelming your day is by calling or texting to update each other how your day is going and how you are feeling
  • Pray everyday over your marriage, pray over your spouse regularly and ask your spouse to do the same for you.